About Us

Onyx Global Solutions is a leading corporation that delivers personalized solutions for businesses and individuals. We provide an opportunity to achieve greater success and increased profits. Our offices are located in the heart of Washington's National Harbor, boasting of gorgeous views. As is it with our views, so is it with our solutions; they are something to behold and experience. Discover, Empower, and Excel... OGS - Taking you and your business to the Next Level of Success! 
Come and join the experience of Onyx Global Solutions!



Discover the business and goal driven approaches of OGS that allow us to develop and provide you with solutions that directly satisfy your specific business needs. We transform your business' vision and its goals into a business strategy that is geared toward you achieving greater success and increased profits!



OGS is a one-stop shop that helps you and your business grow and become empowered. We create opportunities and form partnerships that can result in increased growth and continual success for you and your business. Join our OGS community, network with other businesses, explore lucrative opportunities and prosper.


OGS provides quality resources and cutting-edge technology, with the goal of improving your business' performance and profits. We are customer focused, providing you with breakthrough technologies in a manner of excellence that can increase your business' awareness, increase the exposure of your brand, and increase your clientele.